Nokia Asha Challenge

Every day, people around the world rely on an estimated 675 million Series 40 phones to keep in touch, stay informed, and be entertained. These users download over 150 million items from the Nokia Store a month and demand for apps and web content is growing rapidly.

So, get started and connect to the next billion via highly local app partnerships and economies. For you to achieve this, Nokia provides two development technologies: J2ME and the web tools development technologies for the developer partners.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and compete against the brightest minds in the industry. This is your chance to impress an audience of a billion users with your innovative apps and opportunity to win exciting prizes.

End Date
April 5th 2013
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Four Simple Steps for the Contest:
Register for the contest below its a new one
Download relevant tools to build apps for Nokia Asha devices.
Register on Nokia Publish and upload your apps there.
Notify Devworx at with app names and URLs, once they are approved.

Registrations are closed now.

Terms and Conditions :

Nokia Publish has instituted a developer sign up fee which is a payment of 1 Euro required just before you publish the app. It is intended to create better safeguards against fraudulent extensions in the gallery and limit the activity of malicious developer accounts.

Valid entries definition:

  • Themes, ringtones, wallpapers and widgets are not eligible
  • Simple and static apps are not eligible
  • App generator apps are not eligible

Please find the detailed terms and conditions of the contest here.

  • 2-3 apps: Nokia Asha 311
  • 4 or more apps: Nokia Lumia 820
  • Concept winner: 1 x Nokia Lumia 920
  • UI and UX winner: 1 x Nokia Lumia 920
  • Best Web App: 1 x Nokia Lumia 920